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Embeddded in a nearly two centuries old house, Colours of Sound is a recording studio fully dedicated to musical creation.

It's nowadays structure is the achievement of twenty years work in the field of music and the research for expanding the musical limits. Organised to allow as well a solo work as a traditionnal recording session, you will find there numerous tools to create, tailor, enlarge your tone always keeping focus on your music.

You won't find any traditionnal "window" here but an array of rooms with each a dedicated acoustic and sound. Feel free to explore the Studio Map for more infos on each room.

Technically speaking, the studio is built around two Yamaha digital mixers and is able to record and mix 32 tracks of digital audio. More tracks are available at mixdown for MIDI intruments and other sources as FX. With full automation ! You can find more tech infos on the Red Room page. Remember : tone is more important than a gear reference or spec.

You can of course realize all your project here, but also, remix, edit or add a track to your existing work . Or just use our peripherals and monitors to mixdown your home-studio recorded project. Every detail has obviously been designed to insure compatibilty up- and downstream with external structures.

Add our colours to your sound and music !