Colours of sound
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In the creation process, you often can get yourself trapped in a situation where you can't know what's good anymore ! Where you are not happy of what you play and can't get further or where you can't communicate anymore with your band. Or even you know what tone you need but not how to get it ! Sometimes, you don't even know where a song can lead you. That's the "tunnel " effect !

Jacques Prévert used to say : "One can't see himself in the sea" ! An artistic "producer" can help ! Behind that somewhat pretentious word stand listening abilities and external point of view to help interactivity. Working toghether taht way helps better achievement of your creativity, simply we go further ! The producer's work will be to listen to musicians and get deeply in the understanding of music he hasn't written. Understand your emotional intentions and give it colours.

Colours of Sound has been built by a musician and has evolved for almost twenty years only about creating music. Now this expertise and passion are dedicated to you.