Red, the colour of passion! The Red Room is the heart of the musical process. There come all the source's signals. Two Yamaha 02R digital mixers feed audio to an ADAT and to a macintosh running Logic Audio. At rmixdown as when recording, 32 tracks are handled simultaneously by the 02R's with full automation.

Tube preamps et comps will add the warmth and fullness to your tone. More channels are of course available on the mixers for synths, FX and more, bringing the mixdown up to 80 channels at once.

Logic Audio also allows more tracks and is fully automated. The added tracks can be bussed and create groups that expand almost endlessly the possibilities. This is a great solution when you want to use more than one preset from the same processor and don't want to compromise. ADAT is an easy way to share digital audio and allows the fexibility of the "virtual tracks" found on some gear.

Two different monitoring systems give the comfort of comparison so you don't miss any detail to be corrected. Using digital mixers allows to transfert digital data from a system to another or even to the AKAI sampler. This also give the opportunity to use outboard gear and FX. Lexicon, Eventide, TC Electronic.

The Red Room also handle MIDI. Logic is well known for its ability and power and we also use a Roland MC80 composer. Different synths Korg, Kurzweil, Access are available. Any gear missing ? Let's rent.

All these are kept in sync by an Alesis BRC . Wrong note or timing ? Melodyne can correct it without altering the feel of your take. Or rearrange harmony from a single source... Other software allow compatibilty with the outside world !


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